Popular Woodworking 2009-04 № 175, страница 26

Popular Woodworking 2009-04 № 175, страница 26



Humble origins but a distinguished pedigree combine in the ultimate Arts & Crafts medicine cabinet.


-JLhis cabinet caught my eye on my first visit to the Gamble house. I had an hour to kill before the tour began, and spent that time in the bookstore, which is housed in the original garage. Charles and Henry Greene added nice details to every facet ol their work, even places the owners would rarely, if ever, see. The Gamble garage is a very nice garage.

At the back of the building is a small rest-room provided for t he chauffeur. That is where the original version of this cabinet has lived for almost 100 years. A picture of the original cabinet is on page 68 of the November 2008 issue of Popular Woodworking (#172).

1 was taken with the form and proportions. The case is very simple, with curved forms on the top and bottom of the sides, and a wonderfully proportioned door. 1 promised myself to someday build a version.

1 had a small amount of birds-eye cherry that I had been hoarding for several years. There wasn't enough of it to build a large piece of furniture, but there was too much for a small project, so it sat in my garage. The day after completing the drawings for this project I tripped over the precious pile of cherry and decided it was time to use it. Some quick

Quick custom jig.

The dado-routing jig is made by clamping the two guide rails on either side of a shelf. The top-mounted bearing on the router bit then cuts the proper-width dado without measuring or fussing.

measurements revealed that 1 had just enough to build this cabinet.

Details Make Simple Into Sublime

My widest piece of cherry had enough material for the two carcase sides and the door panels. I took the piece intended for the panels, resawed it at the band saw, and set it aside while I worked on the case.

I printed full-size paper patterns of the top and bottom side profiles, and adhered them to

Stop action. A pencil mark indicates the end of the dado, and because the router will leave rounded ends, I stop just short of the mark.


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