Popular Woodworking 2009-04 № 175, страница 23

Popular Woodworking 2009-04 № 175, страница 23

Metabo Sander Pulls Double Duty

Many woodworkers rely on random-orbit sanders as their primary method to level an out-of-whack glue-up or for smoothinga surface in preparation for finish. To accomplish both tasks adequately, most sanders are made with middle-of-the-road specifications. If your primary interest is fast stock removal, you purchase an aggressive sander. And if a smooth, swirl-free surface is your aim, you 11 need a different tool.

Metabo has a new sander that accomplishes both tasks with a single unit. The SXE450 is a double-duty sander. This sander has a setting lor aggressive stock removal - a V4"-orbit diameter makes quick work of leveling a glued-up panel -and a second setting with an 1/8"-orbit diameter for producingthat smooth surface needed for stain. Switching between the two settings is as easy as pushinga button, then turning the sanding pad counterclockwise until it clicks.

This 6" multi-tasker has a 3.4-amp motor with variable speeds up to 8,000 rpm and it

weighsjust 53A pounds. And if oscillating at more than 18,00C orbits per minute (opm) isn't enough, flip a turbo-boost switch and raise the rate to near 22,000 opm.

The Metabo SXE450's integral dust-collection system works great, but as I surfaced a piece of rough pine to see how quickly the job was completed usingan aggressive and turbo-boosted setting, 1 did notice a small amount of dust gathering around the tool's base. A quick look at the filter and I had my explanation. The canister was packed full of pine dust. In aggressive mode, use an external vacuum or plan to clean the washable filter often.

Every once in a while you pick up a tool and it instantly feels good in your hands. Then you pull the trigger and the sound of the tool

Metabo - 800-638-2264 or

metabo.com Street price "$214

For more information, circle * 150 on Free Information Card.

is equally impressive. That's exactly what I felt with this new, German-made sander from Metabo. Pull the trigger and make a purchase. You'll be rewarded.

—GlenD. Huey

Ridgid's Rock-top Saw

Ridgid now has its version of a granite-top table saw on the market. With the motor mounted inside the cabinet and the saw powered from a 110-volt circuit, the Ridgid R4611 saw is considered a hybrid saw.

Features on this saw are numerous. There's an integrated guard assembly including a spreader, anti-kickback pawls and blade guard. This assembly travels with the saw blade. It is not, however, a riving knife. It's not possible to remove the blade cover or anti-kickback pawls without removingthe splitter, so any non-through cuts require a complete assembly removal.

The arbor carriage is a cast, one-piece design and the cabinet-mounted trunions make alignment adjustments easy - loosen four bolts, align, then cinch the bolts. And with the blade/miter slot alignment on oursaw out by .011", it was great to have a quick fix.

As parts came from the box, the split-section front rail caught my attention. The two sections are sleeved together and require additional scrutiny to get the two properly aligned when installed. If there's an issue with fence alignment, check that front rail. I had to make slight adjustments to keep the fence

consistently in line with the blade and miter slot.

TheHerc-U-Lift mobile base isa nice addition, but is a difficult build and finicky to adjust. An optional pan, fitted with a 4" port, bolts to the cabinet bottom to enclose the base. Ofcourse, dust collection is improved, but the setup is not optimal.

Plan to spend a couple extra hours to get this saw up and running. I found the assembly frustrating because the instructions were a bit lacking in, well, instruction, and the many bolts, screws and washers are difficult to locate when needed, although the packages are marked.

I was a bit concerned about the machine's 1 V2-horsepower motor - most hybrid table saws have an leas: 1V4 hp. But after ripping both 4/4 maple and 8/4 jatoba without any

Ridgid ■ 866-539-1710 or

ridgid.com Street price ■ $599

For more information, circle * 151 on Free Infomvition Card.

issues, my fears were put to rest.

If rust is an issue on your tabletop, or if you simply long for a granite top on your next saw, this machine will do the work. But for my money, I would squeeze a few dollars out of my piggy bank and go for an upgrade.


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