Popular Woodworking 2009-06 № 176, страница 18

Popular Woodworking 2009-06 № 176, страница 18

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Grizzly's 'Ultimate Band Saw'

This do-it-all band saw has all the power and finesse you'll need.

^^Jrizzly calls its model G0636X the 17* Ultimate Band Saw. With "ultimate"defined aslast, finalor definitive. 1 would agree. This could be iIk lasi band saw you ever buy.

This saw. withasieel-reinforced frame, arrives sporting a l'-wide x0.025'-thkk blade with six teeth per inch li is set upasa machine for rcsawinglumbcr. If lhat is your sole purpose for this tool, so he It. But there's no reason not to make this band saw your everyday saw as well. Slip a different blade over the wheels and go for it.

A 5-horse power, single-phase. 220-volt

motor powersthis machine. Therc'scnough drive to run up toa I VSt'-wide blade to slice paper-thin veneer. yet this saw has the finesse toon light curves in band-sawn boxes using a blade as narrow as lV. At 160" in length, however, finding a replacement blade at a local store is not easily done.

Blade changeover is simple due tocasily adjusted blade tension and hall beanngbtadc guides. Slde-to-side movement iscont rolled

both ihc upper and lower guide assemblies. There's also a single bearing per assembly for backward pressure. All guide assemblies are adjusted with a single wrench.

The upper assembly iseasy to reach, but the lower assembly tsa bti more difficult to access due to its location behind the lower door and near a dust collect ion port - one of two 4* dust ports on the machine. That port location reduces the amount of dust that collects on the bearings.

A couple slick features on this saw arc ihe table tilt mechanism and a fence system lhat conslstsofa cast iron fence with a two-

Grizzly Industrial • 800-523-4777 or grizzly.com Street price .$2,150

position aluminum resaw fence added. To lilt the table you slide a lock lever 10 loostn it. then lurna handwheel thai controls a micro-adjustable rack-and-pinion setup. It's smoot h and easy to cont ml. When you slop turning, the table stays at whatever angle n's set. (Forget holdingthe table wtthone hand while you tighten the lock knobs with the other.) Slide the lever back to tighten ne labk- and jou're good to go. Tlx* table angles from 45® to the right. or pull the stop holt to gain 5° to the left.

On most band saws the fence is wasi:d metal due lo problems with aligning tie fence for blade drift. It's not simple to por

tion the blade to run exactly at the crown of the rubber-tired wheels Most timesihe blade is slightly skewed to oik side of dead center and if you set your fence square 101 he table and try to rip veneer or make straight cuts,the result is less than satisfactory

On this saw. after you gel the blade to i rack close to center, you can set your fence to match the blade's drift angle. Find the dnft angle, then loosen ihc three capscrcwsthat hold the bar (hat joins the fence rail to the saw. then align the fence with that angle

Addit tonal feat ures on this machine arc beefy cast iron trunnionsand wheels-you would expect nothinglcss-and a foot-activated pedal that is a stop switch and blade brake. Aqutck-relea.se blade-tension lever, a 16'/j'cutiinglKightanda 16* throat capacity also add to t he saw's appeal.

But. if you currently work with a 14* band saw. it'san adjustment logct used to the 35xh* labk* height. Also, it pains me to purchase an electric plug and. in this case, a kngth of 12/3cord before lean power-up my machine - but that's standard operating procedure for Grizzly.


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