36 - Miter Trimmer, страница 13

36 - Miter Trimmer, страница 13


when I grip the barrel of the saw.

Chris: One thing that bothered me about the saws with a barrel grip is they're too thick for me to get a good grip. Especially since my hands are fairly small.

So are yon saying that the saws with the top handles are better?

Bryan: Not at all. I've had a saw with a top handle for years. So that type of handle feels more natural. But I could just as easily get used to the barrel grips.

I guess it all boils down to what you like. That probably explains why most companies that manufacture sabre saws have at least one model with a top handle and one with a barrel grip. (See chart.)

I'd recommend trying out both handle styles in the store. Then, once you decide which one you like, concentrate on the other features the saw has to offer.

(See photos above.) So as long as I don't misplace the Allen wrench (or screwdriver) that's required, it's no big deal.

But I don't even have to worry about that with the other saws — they don't require any tools at all. With the Bosch and DeWalt, I just turn a knob on top of the handle.

That's pretty handy on the

Like changing blades?

Bryan: Exactly. Since I work with all kinds of materials, I'm always switching from one type of blade to another. So the last thing I want is a saw where it's a hassle to change blades.

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to change blades on all these saws. The Hitachi, Makita., and Porter Cable all have a set screw that holds the blade in place.

Handle Styles

J Model

Top Handle Barrel Grip

J Model

Top Handle Barrel Grip

j Bosch



| DeWalt



| Hitachi



f Makita



J Milwaukee



j Porter Cable



* Trigger has built-in speed control

* Trigger has built-in speed control

Bosch. But I had to fiddle with the knob on the DeWalt. It keeps dropping into the recess in the plastic housing as I turn it.

Chris: It's hard for me to imagine a quicker way to change blades than with the Milwaukee. I just slide a lever over, pop in a blade, and release the lever. The whole operation only takes a few seconds.

Bryan: One nice thing about all these saws is they accept either a bayonet or universal blade — the two most common types of blades.

With the Milwaukee and Bosch saws, a bayonet blade is the only one you can use. But either a bayonet or a universal blade will work in the DeWalt, Hitachi, and Makita. And the Porter Cable accepts either a universal blade or a special hook blade.

Most sabre saws accept bayonet (top) or universal blades (middle). The hook blade (bottom) only fits the Porter Cable.

▲ Blade Changing. While the Hitachi a couple turns of a knob. Even so, it's (left) requires a wrench to change not as quick as the spring-loaded blades, the DeWalt (center) only takes lever on the Milwaukee (right).




Barrel Grips

Porter Gable




I Bosch 1584DVS


$174.95 No. 36


414-781-3600 $179.95


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