36 - Miter Trimmer, страница 3

36 - Miter Trimmer, страница 3



Tools & Techniques Tuning Up a Block Plane

All it takes to turn your block plane into a precision tool is a simple tune-up. Here's our step-by-step approach.

Sabre 5awe_12

Our team of woodworkers tests six popular sabre saws and offers practical suggestions on the best one to buy.

Strengthening Miter Joints_26

Three shop-tested techniques to strengthen the end grain to end grain glue surface of a miter joint. Also, three fasteners for making a strong mechanical connection.

Picture Frame Clamping Jig _6

This simple clamping jig uses an ordinary band clamp to keep the mitered corners of a picture frame from slipping out of alignment during glue-up.

Miter Trimmer_16

It's easy to get a perfect-fitting miter joint with this shop-made miter trimmer. With a built-in clamp holding the workpiece at a 45° angle, just take a thin shaving with a block plane to "true up" the mitered end.

Desktop Picture Frames_22

You can build both of these desktop picture frames in a weekend. But with their intricate looking profiles and contrasting strips of wood, no one would ever guess.

Picture Frame Clamp page 6

Sabre Saws

page 12

Miter Trimmer page 16

Readers" Tips

Our readers offer their own shop-tested tips for solving some of the most common woodworking problems.

Shop Solutions_28

Use these tips from the guys in our shop to get professional-looking results on the projects in this issue.

New Products_30

Here's a quick look at three new woodworking products that have earned a well-deserved place in our shop.

Picture Frames

page 22

No. 36



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