36 - Miter Trimmer, страница 5

36 - Miter Trimmer, страница 5


Tool Shelf_

^^a Besides providing storage for my portable power tools, this simple shelf solves another nagging problem as well — keeping the power cords from getting tangled up like spaghetti.

Each power cord fits in a separate compartment directly below the tool, see photo. These compartments are formed by a number of dividers that are sandwiched between a top and bottom, see drawing.

The location of the dividers is determined by the amount of space each tool requires. Note: To allow the base of the tool to sit flat on the shelf, you may need to modify the top by cutting slots or drilling holes.

Fred Nordby Red Deer, Alberta

label Holders

^^B I've built several storage cabinets with a number of drawers to help organize small pieces of hardware. To see at a glance what's inside each one, I made these simple label holders that double as the drawer pulls.

Each holder begins as a scrap "two-by" that's cut to the desired length, see Fig. 1. But to form the recess for the label safely, it's best to use extra-wide pieces.

This recess is made by routing a shallow groove in the edge of the workpiece, see Fig. 1. Then, to create slots that hold the label in place, I use a bandsaw to cut two thin kerfs 111 the corners of the groove, see Fig. 2.

To complete each label holder, just rip off a narrow strip. Then glue and screw it in place.

Steve Hams Fairfield, California

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all parts are made from plywood

No. 36 ShopNotes

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cut kerfs for label

with bandsaw


cut holder from

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