36 - Miter Trimmer, страница 31

36 - Miter Trimmer, страница 31


ShopNotes Project Supplies provides you with information on the hardware and supplies you need to build the projects in this issue. We've also put together a list of mail order sources for the hardware and products shoum at right.


. Chevron

Corrugated Nail


Woodworker's Supply



Reid Tool Supply Co. 800-253-0421

Plastic Knobs


Store 800-279-4441

Pocket Hole Jig

Tack Plate

Mechanical Fasteners for Miters ►

If you're making a mitered frame out of softwood, these simple mechanical fasteners provide a quick way to reinforce the miter joints. The tack plates and corrugated nails are available at many hardware stores. And you can find the chevrons by calling the mail order source listed in the margin.

< Veritas Scraping Plane Insert

The Veritas Scraping Plane Insert shown on page 30 allows you to convert a standard bench plane into a precision scraping and smoothing tool. All you need to do is replace the plane's blade and chipper with the insert. The Scraping Plane Insert costs about $26. It's available directly through Lee Valley Tools by calling 800-871-8158.

A Miter Trimmer

Most of the hardware required to build the Miter Trimmer shown on page 16 is available at your local hardware store. To locate the large, plastic wing knob on the built-in clamp, refer to the mail order source listed in the margin.

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig ►

The Rocket Pocket Hole Jig (page 30) is made by the Kreg Tool Company and sells for around $55. It's available by calling the manufacturer at 800-447-8638 or through the mail order source listed in the margin.

Selected Guide to Our Best Project<* & Issues These jigs, tools, and accessories from past issues of ShopNotes are sure to come in handy as you build some of the projects shown in this issue.

A Band Clamp

This shop-made Band Clamp is ideal for applying pressure either on large or irregular-shaped projects.

ShopNotes Project Supplies is offering a hardware kit for the Band Clamp. Along with a 12-foot length of nylon band, it includes all the hardware you need to build one clamp. ShopNotes No. 17 is also included in this kit to provide com-^^plete step-by-step plans.



A Sabre Saw Table

Once you've decided on the best sabre saw to get for your shop (see the tool review that begins on page 12 of this issue), you can convert it into a benchtop power tool with this shop-made table.

We're offering a kit with all the hardware needed to build the Sabre Saw Table. Also, ShopNotes No. 23 is included to provide complete instructions on building the table.

SABRE SAW TABLE KIT 6823-200...................$19.95

A Block Planes

The article on tuning up a block plane (page 8) features a Record No. 09!/2 block plane. But there are also a number of other types of block planes available.

In ShopNotes No. 32, we visit with four woodworkers about the block planes they use. If you'd like to find out what makes each block plane a favorite, this issue of ShopNotes is definitely worth a closer look.



No. 36



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