39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 2

39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 2

Issue 39

May 1998


Donald B. Peschke Tim Robertson Tom Begnal Bryan Nelson Douglas L. Hicks Gary Christensen Kurt Schultz Roger Reiland Mark Higdon


Creative DirectoivTed Kralicek • Project Developer: Ken Munkel • Project Designer: Kevin Boyle • Project Coordinator. Kent Welsh • Shop Mgr.: Steve Curtis • Shop Craftsman: Steve Johnson • Photography Director: Lark Smothermon • Sr. Photographer: Crayola England


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Almost every woodworker I've met has one thing in common. They're always willing to share their insights and experience about woodworking.

Sometimes it's a tip that solves a nagging problem. Or maybe it's advice on selecting a tool. Often, they simply want to "talk shop."

Whatever the reason, this wealth of ideas and information is one of the things that makes working here at ShopNotes so interesting. It's like being-part of a giant switchboard with connections to thousands _

of woodworkers.

For example, a few clays ago one of our readers sent me a package with a video tape inside. As I played the tape, I got a complete tour of his shop — everything from a pair of sawhorses he'd built to the wood stove that keeps his shop warm in winter.

shop tours. Well, that tape got me to thinking. Wouldn't it be great to get a bunch of these "guided tours" from our readers and then feature some of the best ones in ShopNotes?

Now these shops don't have to be the ultimate "dream" shop. Perhaps it's shoehorned in a basement. Maybe it only becomes a "real" shop when you back the car out of the garage and roll your tools away from the wall. Then again, maybe your shop is in a large building with space to rattle around in. (I guess it doesn't hurt to dream.)

The point is, your shop would represent one solution to the challenges that confront all woodworkers — shop layout, storage, dealing with dust, applying finishes, and...

Well, you get the idea. If this sounds like something you're interested in (or you know someone whose shop

"It's like being part of a giant switchboard with connections to thousands of woodworkers."

demonstrates an inventive solution to a problem), how about making a short video and sending it to: ShopNotes, 2200 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50312. We'll incorporate a "tour" of some of these shops in an upcoming issue.

trees to furniture. Another connection came about as a result of the article in our last issue on making lumber from a tree that had blown down. This one has to do with a program called Trees to Furniture.

The idea of this program is to get

_ people together who

would like to salvage urban trees and turn them into lumber for projects in their own shops. It's co-sponsored by two woodworkers from Cincinnati, Popular Woodworking a magazine, and Wood-Mizer. For more" information, call (513) 531-2690 ext. 238.

modular wall storage. One of the projects in this issue is something that always seems to be on the top of everyone's "most wanted" list — a storage system for all the miscellaneous items that accumulate in a shop.

Okay, so there are lots of shelving units out there. But what makes this one unique is it's made up of individual storage modules. And each module is designed with a specific purpose in mind — to hold tools, supplies, or small pieces of hardware.

These modules are supported by a set of shop-made brackets that hang on a wall-mounted grid. So if your storage needs change, you just rearrange the modules on the grid.

new face. One final note. Tom Begnal has joined us as an associate editor here at ShopNotes. Tom is one of those guys who has sawdust in his veins. So we're pleased to have him on board.



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