39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 5

39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 5


£ Quick Tips

Sanding Fad

HI Here's a clever way to fold a quarter sheet of sandpaper into a pad that eliminates the usual grit-to-grit contact. What's nice about this pad is the unexposed surfaces won't wear as you sand

with the outer surface.

The pad is also nice when sanding a project on the lathe. With four layers of insulation, my fingers don't get as hot. To fold the pad, first make a

single cut to the center of the sheet. Then follow the steps shown below. To expose a new surface, simply refold the pad.

Robert Dunn Detroit, Michigan

k To repair a damaged project, John Rusk of Auburn, CA uses compressed air from a bottle to force glue into the crack.

A Tapping in a wedge makes it easy for Art Wills of Cleveland, OH to gently pry pieces apart that are joined with carpet tape.

A When glue contacts iron pipe, it can stain the wood. So Mike Vincent of Littleton, CO covers his clamps with foam pipe insulation.


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We'll pay up to $200 depending on the published length. Please include a daytime phone number so we can call you if we have any questions.


No. 39 ShopNotes

Soapetone Marker

■ Unlike pencils and pens, soap-stone produces an easy-to-read mark on most metals, see photo. And since it's quite soft, a little work with a knife produces a sharp point, see inset. Note: You'll find "sticks" of V4"-dia. soapstone at most welding supply shops.

Adolph Peschke Des Moines, Iowa

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