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lathe Tool Rack_6

This wall-mounted rack holds your lathe tools securely in place. Yet it only takes a second to grab the one you need and start turning. We feature two versions of the tool rack — each one using a different type of joinery

Tool Test: lathee_10

Thinking about buying a lathe? We've rounded up a team of woodturners to test four popular models and offer practical suggestions on which one to choose.

Marking Knife_14

It's hard to get accurate results when cutting to a "fuzzy" pencil line. But this shop-made marking knife scores a fine line so you know exactly where to cut.

% Modular Wall Storage_16

Organize all your tools and supplies with this handy wall storage system. The individual modules hang on a grid that's attached to the wall, so you can quickly rearrange the entire system if your storage needs change.

Lathe Tool Rack

Tool Test: Lathes

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Portable Power Tool Storage_26

Four custom storage units designed to hold your portable power tools and accessories. Each unit hangs conveniently on the wall-mounted grid.

Departments Readers9 Tips_4

Our readers offer their own shop-tested tips to some of the most common woodworking problems.

Shop Solutions_30

These two tricks from the guys in our shop will help you build the projects in this issue quickly and safely.


Hardware, supplies, and mail-order sources for the projects featured in this issue.

Marking Knife

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