77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 19

77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 19

The tool stand is made up of two assemblies — a wall frame and an adjustable top, as you can see in the photo on the opposite page. The top is connected to the wall frame with sliding blocks that make for fast, smooth adjustments.

By loosening the upper blocks and sliding them down, the top folds back against the wall, as shown in the inset photo on the opposite page. And this means you can use the blocks to position the top at whatever height or angle you like.

Don't worry that all this adjustability will make the stand wobbly. In fact, when the blocks are locked down, it's rock solid.

Wall Frame - I started building the tool stand by making the wall frame. It consists of a pair of rails and track guides that both support the work surface and anchor it securely to the wall.

The top and bottom rails (A) are cut from 3/4"-thick hardwood and screwed to two track guides (B) which have a groove cut in the front face. The groove is sized to fit a length of aluminum T-track, as shown in Figure la. This frame puts the T-track 16" on center. This way you can screw through the T-track and guides and into the wall studs, as illustrated in Figure lb.

Don't assemble the wall frame just yet. You'll need to make the four sliding blocks (C) first. The reason is

that the flange bolts need to be slipped into the track before you attach the top and bottom rails.

Sliding Blocks - Each sliding block is glued up from two layers of 3/4M-thick hardwood and one V2"-thick layer. To make the blocks consistent, I cut them from a single, extra-long blank, as in Figure 2.

Next, two holes are drilled in each block. One holds a flange bolt that secures the block to the T-track. The other hole holds a carriage bolt used to attach the braces and cleats of the work surface. After drilling the holes, I rounded over the top edges, slipped the flange bolts into the T-track and assembled the frame.

Materials & Hardware

Top/Bottom Rails (2) Track Guides (2) Sliding Blocks (4) Cleats (2) Braces (2) Top FaneI (1) Drafting Table Top (1)

(2) 5/w" - \8 T-Knobs

(4) 5Ae" -18 Star Knobs

(2) she" x 2" Carriage Bolts

(2) 5 he x 3V2" Carriage Bolts

(2) 5he" x 4V4" Carriage Bolts

(2) 5he" x 3U" Nylon Spacers

(4) 5he" Lock Nuts

3/4 x 1V2 -18'/2 3/4X2</2-36 2 x 2V2 - 2V2 3U x IV2 - 24 3/4 x 1'/2 - 32 26x16- 3U Plywood 26x36- 3/4 Plywood 1/2x1- 36

• (6) she" Flat Washers

• (4) 5he" x 3" Flange Bolts

• (4) 5he" x 1'/4" Fender Washers

• (2) T-Tracks (36" long)

• (6) #8 x 1V4" Fh Woodscrews

• (16) #8x2" Fh Woodscrews






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