77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 34

77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 34

Talon Pegboard


A Insert Hook. With the white, nylon screw backed out, slip the hook into a pair of holes in the pegboard.

A Spread Your Wings. Push the screw in to spread the wings behind the pegboard and lock in the hook.

A Hook Styles.

Available in seven different styles, Talon hooks are designed to fit 1A"pegboard.

hen it comes to minor irritations, metal pegboard hooks rank right up there with mosquitoes, telemarketers, and getting a pebble stuck in your shoe. The problem with most hooks is that when you take a tool off the pegboard, the hook usually comes along with it and then drops to the floor. After this happens a few dozen times, you'll find yourself cringing every time you reach for a tool.

But awhile back, I discovered a pegboard hook that actually stays put. They're called Talon hooks and they just may be the greatest thing to hit your shop since the invention of sandpaper. In fact, I've replaced every pegboard hook in my shop with a Talon, hook. They're really that good. Here's why.

Lock-On Design - Talon hooks work on a simple, yet ingenious, principle. On the back of each hook is a split peg that fits through a hole

in the pegboard (see left photo below). With the hook in place, all you do is push in a nylon screw on the front of the hook (see right photo below). This expands the wings of the split peg behind the pegboard, locking the hook to the pegboard. No matter how hard you tug on the hook, it won't come out. (The pegboard will break first.)

To remove a Talon hook, simply back out the screw. The expanding wings spring back and you can pry the hook out of the holes in the

pegboard. Then you can reposition the hook anywhere on the peg-board and reattach it

Strength - If you're used to metal hooks, you might be kind of skeptical the first time you pick up a Talon hook. (I know I was.) At first glance, they look like plastic. But they're actually made from a tough, unbreakable nylon. I've found that they can easily handle as much weight as my old metal hooks.

Styles - Talon hooks come in seven different styles to handle a variety of tools (see photo above and margin at left). You can purchase I hem in packs of all one type or as an assortment. (I hey range from about 60C to $1.00 apiece.) For sources^^ see the margin on the opposite page^^ or visit the Talon website at www.talonhooks.com. A


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