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77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 33



Farmer's Loop & Half Hitch

k Step 1. Loop the rope around your hand three times, then pull the middle loop (2) to the right.

k Step 2. Next, pull the new center loop (3) to the left, crossing over loop number 1.

k Step 5. After passing the rope through the loop and pulling it down tight, tie off the end with a half hitch.

k Step 3. Now pull the new center loop (1) to the right, crossing over loop number 2.

k Step 4. Finally, to create the finished loop, pull the center loop (2) out from between the other two.

Rolling Hitch

If you've ever carefully tied down a load of lumber only to have it go sliding across the bed of your pickup truck the first time you make a sharp turn, you'll want to learn how to tie a rolling hitch (see box below). The beauty of this knot is that it

secures the load in all four directions, preventing it from shifting sideways or from front to back. It's a good knot to use if you're carrying a bundle of items, such as boards, pipes, or anything else that might slide or roll around in transit. &

k Mechanical Advantage. A loop tied in the middle of a rope acts like a pulley, giving you a mechanical advantage when it comes to cinching the line down over a load.

k Bundle Up. Once tightened, the rolling hitch will not slip when pulled in any direction, making it a good choice for securing a bundle.

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