77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 30

77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 30

Router Bit

Storage Center

Keep your router bits and accessories front and center with this easy-to-build, weekend project

For the longest time it wasn't unusual to find router bits (and other router accessories) tucked away in every corner of my shop. Finally, after I spent more time looking for a router bit than actually using it, I knew it was time to get organized. The storage center you see at left was the solution. It keeps all my bits and accessories in one spot, protected, and right at hand.

Small Project, Big Features - The storage center has a number of handy features. For starters, there are three removable shelves for storing router bits. You can slip out a shelf and take it right where you need to work — whether that's at a router table, like you see in the photo, or across the shop at your workbench (with a hand-held router).

To ensure that you'll be able to store just about any size or shape router bit, there are two different shelf designs. The drawings on the opposite page show the hole arrangement I used. But you can make whatever combinations of shelves, holes, and patterns you need to suit the collection of router bits you have.

Finally, you don't want to lose track of all your router odds and ends, like wrenches and collets. To solve that problem, the bottom of the storage center has a hard-board lip to keep everything neatly contained.

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