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Clip-On Hinges.

An easy-to-use spring-loaded clip connects the mounting plate and the hinge.

When you come up against a tricky door installation, chances are there's a hinge that will do the job.

European-style or concealed hinges were originally designed to solve a specific problem. Builders needed a hinge that would work on a cabinet without a face frame, be easy to mount and adjust, and finally, not be visible. A tall order. But what the designers came up with hit the nail right on the head.

These two-part hinges were so handy that woodworkers wanted to adapt them to other applications — especially problem installations. And the designers answered the call. Now, the challenge is keeping up with all the new types being offered. Here are a few special hinges that may come in handy in your shop. You'll find sources on page 51.


The original Euro-style hinges were not meant for use on cabinets with a face frame. To work correctly, the

hinge mounting plate had to be fastened directly to the side of the cabinet. To use them on a face frame (and many woodworkers did), you had to shim out the sides of the cabinet flush with the edge of the face frame.

This extra work is no longer necessary. Today, as shown in the main photo above, you can find several types of Euro-style hinges that will easily handle all kinds of face frame applications.


When I first used Euro-style hinges, I found one minor inconvenience. The hinge and the mounting plate were held together with one of the screws that was responsible for making adjustments to the position of the door. So every time I removed and reinstalled the door, the position had to be readjusted.

► Inset Doors. You get the classic look of an inset door with all the features of a Euro-style hinge.

The clip-on feature, shown in the inset photo at left, changed all that. Here, the hinge and the mounting plate simply snap together and the door stays in adjustment. This handy option is available on most types and brands of Euro-style hinges.


Inset doors that sit flush with the outside of a face frame are a favorite of mine. Now there's a Euro-style hinge specifically made to handle

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