91 - Planer Stand, страница 10

91 - Planer Stand, страница 10


Metal Drawer Slides

When it comes to building drawers for a shop cabinet, or any drawer that will be carrying a lot of weight, I incorporate metal drawer slides into the design. Their solid construction guarantees a smooth rolling drawer regardless of changes in temperature or humidity.

Metal slides can reliably handle loads up to 100 lbs. without binding or sticking. And they're available

in several different designs, with options for partial or full extension (and even beyond). Metal slides are also pretty easy to install and even allow you a little "wiggle room" to adjust for a perfect fit.

Slide Selection. With so many different styles on the market, however, you'll need to determine which style is best suited for your project before you begin. The good

news is that most metal drawer slides require Vz' clearance on each side for installation. That makes it easy to figure drawer sizes and openings. And they can accommodate either face-frame or frameless cabinet design. j

On the next few pages you'll see a few of the choices available. You can find ordering information in Sources on page 51.

Vertical adjustment slot

Stainless steel ball bearings guarantee smooth travel and durability

Horizontal adjustment slot

Durable epoxy paint finish

Euro-style Slide

Nylon wheels limit applications to light loads

Fixed part ^— to cabinet

Ball Bearing Slide

Zinc-plated f steel —^

Lip mounts on

bottom of drawer


10 ShopNotes No. 91

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