91 - Planer Stand, страница 6

91 - Planer Stand, страница 6

Rip Cut

Hold-down Guide

Whenever I need to rip a piece of stock, it always takes extra time to correctly set up and adjust the featherboards and hold-downs needed to make the cut safely. To make this task quicker and easier, I built the hold-down guide you see in the photo at right.

The hold-down guide prevents kickback and lifting of the work-piece. Plus, it doesn't take much time to set up and it's easy to use.

I used plywood to build the guide. You can begin by cutting the base to size. Then make the edge guide by simply cutting a rabbet along the bottom edge to fit against the base. As you can see in the drawing below, I cut a slot at each end to insert a carriage bolt with a star knob for adjusting the height of the hold-down. Finally, add two corner blocks for support and a dowel for the handle.

Next, cut a piece of hardwood for the hold-down bar. Then you'll need to drill a hole at each end. Position these holes to fit in the slots you cut in the edge guide. I made an extra %" hardwood hold-down and a thinner one from !4" hard-board at this time as well. These can be stored right on the guide (drawing and End View below).

To use the guide, place the work-piece against the fence on the saw table and secure the hold-down bar against the top of the workpiece. Then simply hold the guide firmly against the workpiece with one hand

(the guide doesn't move) and use your other hand to feed the work-piece along the guide and through the blade with a push block.

Gary Mastolier Homer, Alaska

hold-down bar

NOTE: slots

in edge guide allow hold-down adjustment

6"-ie x 2" -carriage bolt


ShopNotes No. 91

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