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Just about every woodworking store or mail-order source carries the hand-held router accessories (or similar items) shown on pages 10 to 13. The item numbers for those accessories available from the Woodsmith Store are:

Router Mat (265652) Depth Gauge (338218) Vacuum Attach. (216900) Offset Baseplate (226581) Guide Bushing Set (226230) Circle-Cutting Jig (226540)

Some items, like edge guides or alternate bases, may be specific to the brand of router. In those cases, it's best to check with the manufacturer for accessory items available for their specific router models.


The lazy Susan bearings shown on page 12 are available at most hardware stores and home centers. But if you want a specific size or style, the margin lists a number of sources.


A woodworking store or mailorder source is your best bet for locating plug cutters like the ones shown on page 14. Here again, the margin lists a number of sources.


You'll find very little hardware is needed to build any of the plywood projects starting on page 16. So you may be able to find everything you need locally. The 2" window locks for the assembly table came from Home Depot.

If you can't find some of the items locally, Rockier (see margin at right) may have what you need. For the roll-around cart, I used a set of 5" locking swivel casters from Rockier (31845). Rockier also carries the L-shaped shelf pins (33860), the corner braces (33605), and the piano hinge (30085).


The table saw outfeed support on page 30 is a handy project for any workshop. And the nice thing is it doesn't take long to build and won't set you back much for the required materials and hardware.

I was able to pick up the hinges, woodscrews, and plastic laminate (WilsonArt D90-60) at a local home center. You should be able to pick up the steel flat stock for making brackets for a tube-style fence there as well. Finally, I ordered the leveling feet (62805K33) and threaded inserts (90016A030) from McMaster-Carr. Their contact information is listed in the margin.


Building the dovetail workcenter shown on page 36 will take a bit of hardware. You should be able to find the washers, woodscrews, threaded inserts, handles, and piano hinges at just about any hardware store.

For the two different-length knobs (1373T57,1373T58), I turned to McMaster-Carr (see margin). And Lee Valley has all the magnet hardware. The part numbers for the magnets are 99K3203 (magnet), 99K3252 (cup), and 99K3262 (washer). The item numbers for the size are 99K3103, 99K3253, and 99K3263, respectively.

Note: If you want to center the baseplate and bushing on your router, the Woodsmith Store carries the Bosch centering cone (269068).


The digital add-ons featured on page 48 are all made by Wixey (margin at right). The digital readout for the rip fence (WR700, $150) works best with T-square style fences, but can be adapted to tube-style models.

The planer gauge (WR500, $60) works on a wide range of models. And finally, the angle gauge (WR300, $40) isn't specific to a tool, so it's handy for the table saw, miter saw, jointer, or band saw. A

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Woodsmith Store 800-444-7527

Bosch Centering Cone, Casters, Lazy Susans, Plug Cutters, Rare-Earth Magnets, Router Accessories, Saw Blade. Cleaner, Wixey Digital Add-Ons

Rockier 800-279-4441 rockler.com

Corner Braces, Lazy Susans, Piano Hinges, Plug Cutters, Rare-Earth Magnets, Roller Bearings, Router Accessories, Saw Blade Maintenance Kit, Shelf Pins, Wixey Digital Add-Ons Lee Valley 800-871-8158 leevalley.com I my Summ, Plug Cutters, Rare-Earth Magnets, Rmiter Accessories, Saw Blade Cleaner

McMaster-Carr 630-600-3600 mcmaster.com

Knobs, Lazy Susans, Leveling Feet, Threaded Inserts

McFeely's 800-443-7937 mcfeelys.com

Montana Brand Plug Cutter

Woodcraft 800-225-1153


Lazy Susans, Rmi ter Accessories, Wixey Digital Add-Ons Highland Hardware 800-241-6748 highlandwrxxiworkin&com Plug Cutters, Router Accessories, Saw Blade Cleaner, Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

Wixey wixey.com

Digital Add-Ons



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