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Router Accessories

These inexpensive accessories will add new capabilities and more accuracy, while saving time.

Flip through the pages of any woodworking catalog and you're sure to find several pages filled with router accessories. Most of them are billed as "must-have" items guaranteed to make you a better woodworker — if you can believe all the hype.

To help you sort out what you need and what you don't, I've gathered up 10 of the most useful accessories to help you get more from this versatile power tool. One very important thing to point out is that not all of these accessories are flashy, high-dollar items.

In fact, most of these handy addons are less than $30 apiece. Take a look at page 51 for sources.


One way you can dramatically add capability to an ordinary fixed-base router is to upgrade the base. Many router models are designed to fit optional D-handle and plunge-style bases.

D-handles. At first glance, a D-handle base (photos on this page) may not seem like it's much of an improvement over a typical fixed base. But there are some advantages that I'd like to point out.

The first is the power switch is located in the D-handle. This trigger-like switch makes it a snap to turn on the router without having'to take your hand off a handle,

I've also found a D-handle to be more comfortable to grip than two small knobs during extended use. One reason for that added

Set-Up Gauge.

This stepped gauge makes quick work of 'accurately setting the depth of cut on your router.


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