Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 120








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Using a headless brad chucked in the drill, bore two small pilot holes centered in the outline and through the back. Then drive two common nails through these holes from the back and into the ends of the guides. Also drive two finishing nails through J and into the guides.

The drawers are of I" pine, exccpt for the bottoms, which arc of H" plywood. Front, back, and sides arc grooved to take the bottom. Refer to the drawer detail in Figure 1 for all dimensions.

In the old days, a plow plane would have been used to cut these grooves. They can stilt be cut by hand by clamping hardwood guide strips along the scribed lines, allowing for the thickness of the saw blade, and running a back- or panel saw along the guide strips to cut the sides of the groove. Then the groove is cleaned out with a K" chisel.

Cut % x rabbets on the drawer fronts to take the sides. The back should be given a %"-deep x I" notch located to ride over the guide rail. Assemble the drawers with glue and nails but do not glue the bottom in the grooves. Make sure the drawers are flat and square before the glue dries. The turnbutton is cut using the pattern and fastened with a blued right-handed screw.

if you would like to try your hand at simple decorative carving, this is a good opportunity. The stems can be carved easily with a veincr chisel or even a sharp penknife. Use a small gouge to cut the leaves. If you have never tried surface carving before, practice first on a scrap of pine.

Round off all edges that would normally receive wear, and then give all outside surfaces a final sanding using 220-grit production paper. Apply an oil slain that will give the appcarance of antique pine. Allow the stain to dry for 24 hours and then apply a penetrating oil finish such as Watco Danish Oil, which is very easy to use. If a clear surface finish is preferred, avoid high-gloss varnishes, which are not in keeping with the character of this simple piece. Two %" porcelain or wood knobs complete the project.


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