Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 128


Tumbling Toby

Here's a simple wooden toy that's guaranteed to delight youngsters and intrigue grownups as well. Toby is counterbalanced so that a light tap will set him somersaulting back and forth along the parallel bars, and he'll keep going for some time.

This toy can be made quickly from just a few scraps of pine and dowel. Low in cost and easily mass-produced, it's an ideal item for sale to gift and toy shops.

Start by enlarging the pattern squares to I" on heavy paper. Then transfer the figure to the enlarged grid. Cut out the pattern, and use it to trace the figure on W pine. Jigsaw to shape and drill a Yi" hole through the hands. Insert a 3" length of dowel so that it protrudes an equal dis-


tance on each side and glue in place.

The parallel bars are shaped from pine. Rasp a gentle curve along the top of each bar as shown. Drill holes in the bottom edge of each bar for %" dowel uprights.

Cut two base pieces and drill three %" holes in each, two for the upright supports and one for the long stretcher. Sand all parts carefully and assemble the parallel bars with glue. Temporarily place a spacer block between the bars while the glue dries to keep them parallel and spread about an inch apart.

Finish the toy with a couple of coats of thinned shellac. Toby can be left natural or painted with enamels or colored with felt-tip pens.


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