Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 132


Money Printer

Here's a clever magic trick that youngsters will have a lot of fun with. Insert a blank piece of paper between the rollers of the "press," crank the handle, and out comes a real honest-to-good-ness dollar bill!

The secret is in the black ribbon that forms an S curve around the two rollers. When a real dollar bill is fed into the rollers, it is wrapped around the lower roller out of sight under the ribbon. As blank paper is fed in from the other side, it dis

appears and the bill comes out, giving the illusion that the blank paper is being printed into a dollar bill.

This is a good project for the novice woodworker. The base is made by shaping the uprights and drilling both at the same time for %" holes for the roller shafts. The rollers are 1" dowels turned on a lathe with %" axles, or drilled to receive dowel axles.

The dowel on the upper axle should be shouldered to fit a hole in the crank arm, though in a pinch it can be tapered instead.

Glue black ribbon one full turn around each roller to cover them completely, as shown. Assemble the rollers to the base and add a wooden knob, which can be a drilled-out cabinet knob.

To use the money printer, insert a real bill between the rollers from the side away from you when the crank is to your right. Turn the wooden knob toward you until the bill is just hidden between the rollers. You're now ready to "print" by inserting a blank into the side nearest you and turning the crank toward you. As the blank feeds in. the bill comes out the other side.


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