Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 142


Eighteenth-Century Mirror

A smaller version of this charming piece appeared in The Pine Furniture of Early New England by Russell H. Kettell (Dover, 1929). We designed ours a bit larger to use a standard 8x10" mirror.

Rip four feet of % \ 1%" clear pine for the frame. Resaw this strip to %" thickness and cut a IM x y." rabbet along one edge. Plane the strip to the rounded profile shown and cut it into four pieces, which are then mitered and joined with glue.

The backboard is %" pine planed to W to %" thickness. Enlarge the scroll pattern on heavy-

paper, cut along the outline and trace around this template, transferring the design to the stock. Use a saber saw to cut the scroll. Rasp and plane a bevel around the back edge and drill two holes for heavy cord, which is looped over a wall hanger.

Distress the back and frame and sand, finishing with 220-grit paper. Stain to suit and finish with thinned shellac or satin varnish. Fasten the mirror with glazier's points or brads and nail the frame to the backboard. We duplicated antique nails by filing the heads of box nails to a rectangular shape.



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