Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 230


Pine Mirror Frame

The simple, straightforward design of this small wall mirror lends itself well to a wide variety of decorating styles.

Start with a 6' length of % x pine and bevel both sides as shown by inclining the saw blade to 35 degrees. Then cut the % x %" rabbet to hold the glass, before cutting the stock to length and mitering the ends.

The mitered corners can be joined with glue and nails, X" blind dowels, or X"-thick hardwood splines, depending on the amount of equipment you have on hand and how energetic you feel.

The glass is backed with hardboard, corrugated cardboard, or plywood held in the rabbet with about eight small brads pushed into place with long-nose pliers.

Although it's not necessary, a kraft-paper dust cover makes a nice finishing touch and can be easily applied.


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