Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 233


Pattern for Parts*© I" Sx?UAf?£S

and set below the surface. The dimensions given for parts J will allow about a K«" gap between each slat to take care of swelling and water runoff. Note that the slats will overhang parts C by

Continue by making the back. Cut a X x 54"-deep groove the length of the rails E. Then cut the corresponding tenons on slats F and G, Don't forget to cut out the heart design, or perhaps another of your own choosing. Assemble the backrest with water-resistant glue, taking care that it

does not run onto exposed surfaces, and clamp the assembly. While it is clamped, if time is not to be wasted, the assembly can be joined to the upright supports D using wood screws in counter-bored holes that are plugged and sanded flush. The upper rail should be positioned 1" from the top of the uprights.

Join the uprights to the seat frame with 14 x 3" bolts and hex nuts, the nuts being on the outside. Drill 54" holes 154" from the back of side rails C and 154" from the bottoms of uprights D.


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