Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 236


Tot s Tricycle

This walker tricycle, built of hardwood, will provide many hours of fun and exercise for the tot who has recently started walking.

Start by cutting the seat to shape from %" stock and bore for an easy fit of the 1 "-diameter steering-post tenon. Cut the % x 5 x 8" subseat

and attach it to the underside of the seal as shown using glue and four I'A" countersunk flat-headed screws.

Cut rear axle supports from V stock, miter the ends to fit flush against the underside of the seat, and bore for an easy sliding fit of a %"-diameter wooden axle. Attach supports to the sides of the subseat with glue and flat-headed screws.

Wheels are cut from hardwood or plywood and bored for a snug fit over the axles. Both front and rear axles are prevented from shifting sideways by dowel pegs inserted through the axles.

The steering post is in two parts, both of which are IX" square and center-bored for a l"-diam-eter tenon. Chamfer the upper post as shown and drill for the handlebars and tenon. Glue the tenon into the upper post only. Notch the lower post to provide slight clearance for the wheel. The short axle is glued to the wheel and revolves in slightly oversize holes in the post. Drill through the front of the lower post and tenon for a 2" carriage bolt.

Sand all parts carefully and round off all sharp corners to prevent splintering.


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