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Allows the master outlet to sense when your computer has either been turned off or has gone into sleep mode, so it can shut off power to peripherals plugged into the controlled outlets-saving you power and money.

Uses up to 5x less power in normal operation than any other battery backup.

Let's protect what's important.

What's in your computer? Photos, music, personal files, financial data, broadband access, videos, and more. Your computer has never been more important, and yet it has never been at higher risk for damaging power surges and other disturbances.

So like most people, you need to protect your assets. But like most people, you'd also like to protect the environment. With our new energy conscious products, you can do both. Energy efficient by design, our new smart products protect the power going into your computer, at a cost that is quickly offset by big energy savings How? Not only do the new Back-UPS ES®and SurgeArrest® use power very wisely, they also boast a master/controlled outlets feature, which automatically powers down idle devices to conserve energy.

APC power protection products are available at

PC Connection- ®

"The price tag on the new UPS is $99. While I'm not in the habit of endorsing products in this blog, if you're in the market for a workstation-class UPS, why not opt for the greener option?"

■ Heather Clancy, ZDNet.com

In fact, while protecting your power supply, we're up to 5 times more energy efficient than any other solution. By saving you $40 a year in energy costs, our Back-UPS ES pays for itself in 2 short years The high frequency, low copper design has a smaller transformer and environmental footprint. Even the packaging has been carefully selected and manufactured to maximize use of recycled materials and minimize waste.

In this world, every decision you make counts. So protect your power with a battery backup that works to protect the environment. It conserves power, it pays for itself, and it's backed by APC's 20-plus years of Legendary Reliability®.

For more information on this _

or our other great products, or for information about environmentally responsible fesl ■ j disposal of your old battery, ETjLj visit www.apc.com BvTl

Energy efficient solutions for every level of protection:

Surge Protection

Starting ats34

Guaranteed protection

from surges, spikes,

and lightning

/ outlets. Phone/Fax/Modem Protection, Master/Controlled Outlets

Battery Back-UPS'

Starting at sgg Our most energy efficient backup for home computers

10 outlets, DSL and Coax protection, Master/Controlled Outlets, I lnh Frequency Design. 70 minutes of runtime1

Enter to Win a Back-UPS* ES 750G! (a $99 value)

Also, enter key code to view other special offers and discounts.

Visit www.apc.com/pramo Key Code h255w or Call 888.289.APCC x8143 or Fa* 401.788.2797

APC can help with your other pomr protection needs. I/isit apc.com to see our complete line ol innovative products.

Legendary Reliability"

© 2009 American Rswer converson Corporation All tradematfcs are owned by Schneider Electric Industnes 5 A s. APCC. 01 th^ir affiliated companies e-mail esupport®apc com • 132 Fairgrounds Road. West Kingston, Rl 02892 USA «99S0967 'Runtimes may vary depending on load ■Average savings are based on comparablecoiripetittve inoasls. and are comprised of two energy saving features an ultia efficient electncal design, and the master/controlled outlets feature

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