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3. Benchtop Band Saw

A 9" band saw (around $150) will do a much cleaner job of curve cutting than a jig saw can, plus it can navigate intricate scrolling work. You can also use a band saw for ripping, crosscutting and moderate resawing. Buy a machine with a large, cast-iron work table and built-in worklight. Ball-bearing blade guides are a plus, but solid guides work just fine, too.

4. Plunge Router or Multi-base Router Kit

No woodshop is complete without a router, especially a mid-size machine (1V2 to 2%hp). Here's the tool you need for template work or creating eye-catching profiles on the edges of your parts. It's also your ticket to

You can cut curves, rip, crosscut and even do some light-duty resawing with an inexpensive 9" band saw.

machine-cut dovetails and other joinery Plunge routers are more versatile than fixed-based styles if you can only afford one tool, but consider spending a little more for a combo kit. It's a great value. You'll get an interchangeable motor that fits into a fixed base (ideal for a router table) and a plunge base. Choose a unit with variable speed, electronic feedback and collets for 1/4"-and l/2"-shank bits.

Whether you choose a full-size, mid-size, trim router or combo kit, you'll find it to be indispensable for shaping and joinery.


Fall 2009


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