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A quick way to bring the convenience pneumatic nailing to your woodworking projects is to buy an 18-gauge brad nailer and small compressor as an all-in-one kit.

The woodworking industry is filled with all sorts of clamps, and you'll need a small army of them for your project pursuits.

5. Brad Nailer/Compressor Kit

There's nothing wrong with hammering nails, but an 18-gauge brad nailer (the preferred gauge for woodworking) will help get the job done more efficiently and easily. Just load a strip of nails (5/8" to 2", depending on the gun), aim and squeeze the trigger. You'll drive and set the nail instantly. Buying the gun as an all-in-one kit with a small compressor gets you up and running for about $250, and you can use the same compressor with larger finish or framing nailers for other DIY projects. Perfect!

6. Hand Plane Duo

Ian Kirby, our hand-tool expert, recommends two hand planes for woodworking: a #4V2 smoothing plane and a #07 jointer plane. The first will do a nice job of flattening and polishing board faces and general cleanup tasks. The second is useful for truing up stock and flattening edges when gluing up panels. It's a thrifty option to buying a stationary jointer.

7. Clamps, Clamps, Clamps

There's just no way around amassing an army of clamps. From locking down jigs to gener

Hand-tool expert Ian Kirby recommends a smoothing plane for general cleanup and polishing work, plus a longer jointer plane for flattening and truing edges.

al project glue-ups and parts assembly, you'll reach for clamps all the time. A helpful set includes C-clamps, quick-action clamps, short and long bar clamps, pipe clamps and web clamps. Build your collection as you need them, and buy quality brands right from the start. Good clamps sure aren't cheap, but they'll hold up their end of the bargain like an old friend... and you can never have too many of those.

8. Pocket Hole Jig

One of the fastest and easiest ways to join wood is with pocket screws. If you can drill holes and drive screws, you can make panels, face frames, miter joints and cabinet boxes with these unique jigs and a stepped drill bit. Pocket screw joints are an effective alternative to more time-consuming or complex joinery such as mortise and tenons, and their strength has earned the respect of the pros. Very handy indeed.

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