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9. Dust and Debris Collector

Wood chips, shavings and sawdust make a big mess and contaminate your airspace. The debris piles up really fast with some machines, so you've got to keep it under control. Whether the solution for your shop is a vacuum, a dedicated dust collector or one of several inexpensive accessories that convert your vac into a higher-volume two-stage collector (see photo,

above), make sure it can handle the amount of dirt your machines make. You may need more than one machine to tackle it all. A dust mask should also be part of this overall plan to protect your long-term health.

10. Sharpening System

Dull chisels, plane irons and turning tools just don't cut it. Whether you decide to use oil- or water stones, a piece of plate

glass and sandpaper or an all-in-one power sharpening system, you'll need to adopt a strategy for maintaining sharp edges. Good news is, there are several power sharpeners, such as the Work Sharp (see photo, bottom right), that simplify the process without a big learning curve. Sharpening stones work well, too — and they're cheap—but mastering them takes lots of practice.

Pocket-hole jigs enable you to drill steeply pitched holes into one workpiece, then easily join it to another with screws.

Power sharpeners make it easy for you to keep chisels, plane irons, drill bits and turning tools in tiptop cutting condition.


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