Woodworker's Journal winter-2010, страница 14


A router table that thinks it's a shaper

ProMaxRT Complete

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What do you get when you put the industry's biggest, flattest, most durable top on a rock-solid base with unrivaled storage space?

The ultimate router station

Over 5 square feet of cast-iron work surface

Award winning fence

Dust collection above and below the table.

Clever storage including pull-out router bit trays

Create your custom products with an Epilog Laser system!

Systems starting at $7»99S!

Custom engrave your products -from cabinet doors, to cigar boxes, to gun stocks.

Cut intricate models from any type of wood, acrylic, leather, plastic, paper, and much more. With lease payments starting at about $15G/rnanlh\ Zing laser systems are unbelievably affordable!


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14 Router Projects & Techniques

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