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When it comes to router tables, you may think you only have two choices — build one or buy a complete unit. But there's a third alternative: create a custom system piece by piece. We've come up with three great options here, all loaded with goodies to suit most any need. If you're not in the market for a "tricked out" new table, a few of these add-ons could improve your current table, too.

Flagship Router Table

This Cadillac system (facing page) should please even the most demanding user. We started with a deluxe Baltic birch cabinet and bolted on a phenolic tabletop for flatness and durability. Then we added Jointech's® SmartLift Digital Router Lift. It provides digital accuracy for setting bit height with a readout in fractions or decimals. For even more precision, you can't do better than JessEm's

Mast-R-Fence™ with integrated Mite-R-Slide™. Both are made for heavy use. A paddle switch and rolling base round out this super table. Total system cost: $1,676.

Mid-sized Dynamo Table

Maybe a cabinet is more base than you need, but that's no reason to give up sturdiness or dust control. Our picks for a mid-sized router table system (below) start with Rockler's steel legset and locking

Mid-Sized Dynamo Table

Micro-adjusters on Freud's SH-5 Fence ($99) allow the facings to be fine-tuned on both sides of the bit.

Woodhaven's TM120 Router Table ($166.99)

Incra's Miter V27 ($59.95) provides 27 preset angle detents.

Hang even your heaviest router from Rockler's Mast-R-Lift ($290) precision router lift.

Locking casters ($49.99 for four) from Rockier allow easy mobility or solid braking during routing operations.

The Vortex Dust Collection Cabinet ($109.99) from Hartville Tool has an angled bottom to direct debris into its 4" dust port.

Heavy-duty Steel Legset ($119.99) from Rockier


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