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These router-jointed edges are as square, smooth and chip-free as you could make on a jointer. As you can see, the glued joint is virtually invisible.

Guide the router along the fence, in the correct left-to-right direction, to mill it clean, square and straight.

workpiece and the just-routed edge of the first one should be about 1/16" less than the bit diameter. Clamp this workpiece to the bench. Guide the router along the fence, moving it in the opposite direction of the initial cut to trim the second workpiece.

Check the joint by unclamping the second workpiece and butting it against the first. (Never move the first workpiece or the fence until you are all done and the joint passes muster.) If the first pass doesn't smooth the whole edge, shift

the workpiece and rout the edge again.

The result is a tight glue joint without using a jointer. It's simple and very sweet — and a lot cheaper than forking over for a brand-new jointer! &

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