Creative Woodworks & crafts 1999-11, страница 19

Creative Woodworks & crafts 1999-11, страница 19

continued from page 48


Cut out the pieces

Copy the pattern and attach it to the wood with temporary-bond spray adhesive. Saw around the perimeter of the butterfly using the band saw with a 1/4" blade. Note:

do not cut the wood between the antennae at this time as this piece will be extremely fragile.

Resaw the lower 3/8" from the butterfly cutout. This will be glued on as the box bottom during assembly. Cut the wings from the body as indicated on the pattern and label each one right and left. Resaw the top 1/4" from each wing and label them as well. Next, cut the interior cavities from each wing, also labeling them.

Make the lids

Transfer the locations of the interior cavities onto the underside of the lids. Resaw the top 3/8" of the cavity pieces for the tenons which will fit into the interior cavities and keep the lids in place. Glue and clamp the tenons to the lids.

Final shaping and assembly

Resaw the antennae to about 1/2" thick. Turn the box upside down so that the antennae are supported by the table and remove the area between them.

Round over the top edges of the body and each lid using the router and Dremei Mototool. Glue and clamp the bottom onto the wings and body of the box {see the Exploded View Drawing).

Sand as needed and finish as desired. Flock the interior cavities according to manufacturer's instructions, jfj


Wood: cocobolo or wood of choice—one piece

2" x 9" x 10" Tools: band saw with 1/4" blades or scroll saw; router with 1/4"-Dia. roundover bit; Dremei Mototool with sanding drum Temporary-bond spray adhesive Sandpaper, assorted grits Wood glue Clamps

Bartley's Gel Varnish or finish of choice Paste Wax

Suede-Tex flocking, black or color of choice*

*Manufactured by Donjer Products and available through most woodworking catalogs. Order direct from Donjer at (800) 336-6537.

Exploded View Drawing

Resaw the antennae to 1/2" thick


Resaw the 1/4" thick lids from the wings

Saw the wings from the body

Resaw the upper 3/£>" crt each wing cavity and join them to the wings to form the tenons Mark the tenon location ;

Saw out the cavity of eac

interior i wing

Resaw the 5/8" thick bottom from the butterfly cutout

Glue the wings and body to the bottom.


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