Creative Woodworks & crafts 1999-11, 28

Creative Woodworks & crafts 1999-11,  28


DecoArt Americana acrylic paints: Black; Black Plum: Dark Chocolate; Deep Midnight Blue; Hauser Dark Green; Honey Brown; Light Buttermilk; Sable Brown; Slate Grey; Tomato Red; Williamsburg Blue DecoArt Hotshots acrylic paints: Fiery Red Paintbrushes; large base coat brush; 3/4" flat; No. 12 shader; No. 10/0 liner; scumbler brush for drybrushing Strip palette Permanent pen

Spray varnish of choice _

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by Jane Moore

Float highlights

Leat and StemDark Hauser Green and Light Buttermilk

StemDark Chocolate and Light Buttermilk

Face, Arms, and BodySable Brown and Light Buttermilk

OverallsWilliamsburg Blue and Light Buttermilk

BookHoney Brown and Light Buttermilk

Book pagesSlate Grey and Light Buttermilk

Hat BrimWilliamsburg Blue and Light Buttermilk


A word from Garnet Hail

The bookworm is a project to adorn the wall of a book lover, bookstore or a librarian with a sense of humor. I wondered what this project would look like painted so I sent one to Jane Moore of Elora, Ontario. She came up with this wonderful rendition done with acrylics.

The painted version can be cut from one species such as cedar or pine and raised as indicated on the pattern. It could also be segmented so you don't have to worry about grain direction. The painted version can also be cut in fewer pieces. The leaf, stem, hat, tail, face and head can each be cut as one piece because the detail will be added later with paint.

Basecoat the plaque

Basecoat each piece as follows: Head, arms, and bodySable Brown AppleTomato Red LeafHauser Dark Green OverallsWilliamsburg Blue StemDark Chocolate BookHoney Brown Book pagesSlate Grey EyesLight Buttermilk and Black MouthBlack and Tomato Red

Float shading

HatDeep Midnight Blue Face, Body, and BookDark Chocolate Overalls and HatDeep Midnight Blue PagesSlate Grey AppleBlack Plur

Dry brush

Apple, and Cheeks Fiery Red

Use a liner or permanent marker for words on book and then spray on finish of choice.

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