Creative Woodworks & crafts 2000-11, страница 43

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2000-11, страница 43

areas of the pattern.

£.L/rrirn gouge closely approximates the curve of a 3/0"-Dia. cove router bit.

about half the depth of the corners of the cove. Start by selected stock. making stop cuts in the

corners with a chisel.

with the No. 9-Z0mm gouge.

corners of the triangles to the center.

Fig. 7. Make the cuts for the triangles. Turn the tool upside down for convex cuts.

side up for concave cuts.

darning Wat ULriangular accents

Notice that the triangular accents are shaped to fit between two arcs. That gives the triangle two convex shapes and one concave shape. The following steps outline how the accents are carved: Step 1. Make a chisel stop cut from each of the corners to the center. Make the cuts deeper at the center than at the corners. Step 2. Use a gouge that fits the arc. Turn it upside down to make a cut from the convex section to the center. Step 3. Cut the other convex section in the same way. Step 4. Now use the gouge right side up to cut the concave section. Depending on the grain, you may need to carve into the center from several angles.

Step 5. The accent should have sharp edges and clean cuts.

Step 2

Step 4

November, 2000

Step 5


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