Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-03, страница 10

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-03, страница 10

Publisher CJ£Q

Jerry Cohen Darren S. Cohen

Vice President of Circulation & Marketing

Murie-Cla'tre Macdonahl

Craft this fun School Dayz Bus toy from Erik and Patty Olsen.

Robert Becker


George Ahlers Associate Editor

Mary K. Lee

We.? Demares! Scrolling Editors

Dirk Boelman Marilyn Carmin Roy King Scoff Kochendorfer Rick Longabaugh Karen Longabaugh John A. Nelson Raymond Wilckens Dan Wilckens Painting Editor Carving Editor

Sheila Bergner Ivan Whillock

Create this terrific Garden Basket from John Nelson.

Techniques Editor

Jot'. Herrmann

Intarsla Editor

Robert J. Hlavacek, Sr.

Art Director

Kelly Albertson Assistant Art Director

Kimberly Husar

Try your hand at turning with Joseph Herrmann's Computer Duster.

Kathleen Nrnti

Heverly Holz • Kelly McMahon Photographer Wes Demurest Illustrator Webmaster

Robert Borkowski Natalie Rhinesmith


William Hansen

Public Relations

Madeline S. Cohen

Reader Service

Janice Webster (973) 383-8080 ext. 102

Lee Jaworski (973) 383-8080exl.l 14

National Advertising Sales

Robert Bernbach, Advertising Representatives, Inc. 677 Commerce Street. Thomwood, N Y 10594 (914)769-0051

Make this playful Tub Adventurette from Denise Green,

Craft this inspiring intarsia tribute to the sailing ship "Bluenose," from Fred Martin.


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Scroll this charming Traffic At A Standstill door topper from Clark Weeks.

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Irving Spielberg

10 • Creative Woodworks & Crafts March 2003

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