Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-03, страница 13

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-03, страница 13

This Tool Can Do The Hand Detail Work For You!

Electro-File Precision Reciprocating


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#126 10 pc Miniature File Set w/Case $12.95

(1/16" Diameter x 4" Length) Use for intricate finish work, great for scrollers & freters

• Use sanding paddle to sand irregular areas

• Contour square edges

• Sand in fight, hard to reach areas.

• Remove imperfections m scroll saw. fretwork or carving projects

• Smooth uneven, gouged pr

#120 10 pc Rasp Set w/Case $19.95

(1/8" Diameter x 5 1/2" Length) Use for rapid wood removal (very coarse)

Cnuck accepts 1/I6:' to 1/8" standard needle files a rasps

#12510 pc Diamond File Set w/Case $24.95

(1/8" Diameter x 51/2" Length) Use for finishing acrylics, plexiglass, glass, & soft metals

#119 150 pc Sanding Strip Assortment $26.98

50 Pieces each fine, medium & coarse with adhesive back

Use saw blades tor precision cutting

Shave off a sliver, create intricate pieces Harrow kert saves material & allows greater control on cuts

Rapid removal of wood and soft materials

AiKi character lines, contours, & rounded edges Use to chip away material before finishing

Get Professional -Looking Results 0n Ml Your Projects,

r Customer Testimonial

"I have been involved in woodworking for 35-40 years. Many woodworking items use standard sanding machines but then I got into small intricate projects. At first I used various sanding methods and then I found the Electro-File"". I ordered one to see if it would help. Now I own 4 tools! Each one has a different accessory in it to save me time. Take it from me they are the best! The Electro-File"" solved all my problems!"

Dock H., Shreveport, LA a

Model 3100 Kit Includes:

Model 3000 Batten; Pack Version ? Detachable Battery Packs Charger Base & Adaptor (jl & cu j 2 Cutting Biades

1 Sanding Padcle & 20 Sanding Strips 10 pc. Needle File Set with Case

Model 2100 Kit Includes:

Model 2000 Eioctric Version Adaptor fu son} 2 Cutting Blades

1 Sanding Paddle & 20 Sanding Strips 10 pc. Needle file Set with Case

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