Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-03, страница 27

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-03, страница 27


nails which will attach the base to the sides. Using a small drill bit, drill the holes from the bottom of the base. Working on the top edge of the side assembly, drill a small pilot hole 1/8" from each corner. Run a bead of craft glue along the top edge of the side assembly. Drive a small finishing nail through each corner of the base from the top, stopping just as you come through tho wood. Seat the base on the side assembly and carefully continue to drive the nails through the side corners. Gently countersink the nails. Be careful not to come through the front of the side assemb.y. Glue the small leaf decorations over the nail holes. Allow everything to dry thoroughly.

Drill a hole in the large blade of grass approximately 1/4" deep, where indicated on grass pattern, large enough to insert the wire from the bump chenille. Also drill two small holes in the bead to accommodate the butterfly's antenna. Cut a bump of the chenille, leaving skinny parts at the ends. Use the craft glue to attach two 1 J 2" pieces of wire into bead for anlenna. Glue the grasses to the turntable as indicated on fhe pattern, being sure that they are flush with Ihe bottom. Also, glue one end of the chenille to the bead, or head, of the butterfly. Allow the glue to dry.

Use the two-part epoxy glue to attach the music box to fhe bottom of the base. Be sure to align the stem so as to protrude through the center hole and be careful not to allow glue to get near the stem. Next, use fhe two-part epoxy to glue the hinges to the top of each wing, aligning them with each other. Finally, use the epoxy to glue the scrolled turntable piece {which came with fhe musical movement) to the turntable assembly. Be careful to center the pieccs and allow Ihem to dry thoroughly.

When all the pieces are thoroughly dry, thread the bump chenille through the hinges of the wings, using carc. Leave approximately 1/2" of chenille and trim off any excess. Apply craft glue to the end of fhe chenille and push it into the pilol hole in the large blade of grass. Allow this to dry thoroughly.

Finally, screw the stem of fhe turntable into the music box through the hole in the base and tighten, uc^

Assembly Drawing


Bore for music box stem

Sore pilot holes for finishing nails

Attach base with small finishing nails

Note: the side pieces are mitered

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#FL103 OWL


#FL101 ELK

#FU24 DEER #2



#FL125 EAGLE #2

#FI;I 23


#FL120 MUSKIE #2

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