Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 11

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 11


Scroll America* Blades Per Dozen § Scroll America' Blades Per Gross

BladeValuesDirect • P.O. Box 430 ♦ Dept 6331 • New Castle, DE 19720



\ } Visit the today and save $10* on your first Internet order.

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Simply use 6330 as the promotional code when you place your order before September 30th. Or call 800-727-6553 for our FREE catalog.

* Coupon Valid until September 30,2003. Digital coupon good for one order of $50 or more.


■i.yztrAi Saws

True HVLP Sprayers

PLANO Glue Press

RALJ Planes

Receive One Dozen FREE blades for life, plus get FREE shipping** with your order ot $25 or more from this ad or our webs^mm

Regular tow ; SaleFiir.e

| Pfirepci dozen j with rtiis sd

Precision Milled Tooth j $37.95 | $34.16

Premium Double Tooth ! S19.95 ; $17.96

Skip Tooth j S19.95 [ $17.96

Reverse Tooth J $21.95 j $19.76

Double Reverse Tooth ; S23.95 j $26.96

Two-Way Tooth j $24.95 i $22.46

Spiral 1 $23.95 ! $21.56

Rcjulsrlow : Sale Ptice Ptiee |tei doieo j with Ibis ad

Precision Milled Tootli

Premium Double Tooth s $1.95


Skip Tooth i $1.95

Beverse Tooth ! $2.25

You'll set one FRSE dozen of ScrollAmerica3 blades everytime you place, an order of® or nore ' . now and in tfie future That's right FREE blades lor life when you order ; ft am this ad or our website. Be sure to mention Ad Code 6331 to roce<ve. this special offer

Order today and get 10% off, plus free shipping and one dozen freo blades With any order oyer $25.

Double Reverse Tooth i $2.95 Two-Way Tooth \ $2.50

Spiral j $2.35

NOTE; All blades are flat end and are available in various sizes. We do riot sell pin end blades.

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