Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 8

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 8

From the editor's desk

When we began production of this issue, I had no idea that it would be the last regular edition of Creative Woodworks & Crafts that I would oversee as Editor, but that is the way of it. Don't worry about me though, I may be leaving the Editor position, but I'm not entirely leaving the magazine. You may have noticed that there has been an I improvement in the quality of the Pattern Sections in the I past few issues. That is because we have actively taken | steps to implement those improvements. It's all pretty technical, but basically I've received some extra computer training which has enabled us to take the patterns (and editorial illustrations) to the current level. That's a good thing, because All American Crafts Publishing , Inc. (the publisher of Creative Woodworks & Crafts) is essentially a pattern publishing company-a fact not lost on the upper management here. In fact, they liked the work I had done with the art in Creative Woodworks & Crafts so much that they asked me to do it for the rest of their magazines. That's quite a tall order. A.A.C. publishes at least eight titles that will require my attention. There's no way I could do that job and still edit this magazine. Ultimately it was a tough decision for me; I've made no secret about how much I enjoy this job and the thought of leaving it is still not an easy one, no matter what the benefits of the new position may be. Not the least of my concerns was what would happen to Creative Woodworks & Crafts if I accepted the promotion; when I was told that Robert Becker had agreed to take over the editorial responsibilities, it sealed the deal. So I am moving up and Robert is moving back in. I know Robert will do a great job and I will endeavour to do the best I can in my new position—I'll still be contributing my original designs as well.

Additionally, we have a new (and important) member of the Creative Woodworks & Crafts staff to introduce you to. Kathy Morawski took over as Associate Editor in January of 2003 and has been doing an outstanding job. Not only does she assist on the magazine, Kathy is an award-winning artist and has begun to contribute her artistic talents to Creative Woodworks & Crafts. When I learned she is the creator of the newly released Quarter Horse design from the popular Trail of Painted Ponies art project (, I immediately asked her to do some designs for us. Look for her ornament designs in our next issue. Kathy is not exactly a newcomer to this publishing company either; she worked in the art department as the Digital Imaging Technician in the 90's. It's wonderful working with someone of her considerable talent.

Speaking of ornaments, our special Wood Ornaments issue will be included in your subscriptions this year (as well as available on the newsstand). This is something that many readers have asked for. The issue is sure to become a collector's edition; it's our tenth and final Wood Ornaments issue. I know everyone will be excited about it.

It's been a great run! All the best and happy woodcrafting!

"New" Editor, Robert Becker.

Robert held the Creative Woodworks & Crafts reins from December 1993 to June 1996.

George Ahlers and Kathy Morawski at the Ultimate Woodcrafting Festival in 1998.

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