Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 16

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 16


Wood; pine or wood of choice--one piece 3/4" x 1 Fx 17-3/8" Tools: scroll saw with No. 5 blade and 2-0 blade; drill with bits; hobby knife Dremet Mototooi with router base and No. 654 straight bit; woodburning tool with pointed and round tips Temporary-bond spray adhesive No. 00 liner paintbrush No. 3 round paintbrush: Paint thinner Rag

Stains of choice: Cherry, Dark Provincial. Dark Walnut, Driftwood, Ebony, Golden Oak, Manderine Orange, Mustard Yellow; picfded Oak, Provincial Clear polyurethane finish of choice Sawtooth hanger of choice


Make a photocopy of the pattern and use temporary bond spray adhesive to attach it to tne selected stoc<. Drill starter holes in all of the waste areas. Proceea to cut out entire pattern. With a hobby knife, score all remaining lines (ie. trees, feather outlines, eyes in partridge, and eyes, whiskers and mouth of wolverine). Remove remaining pattern from your stock. If any glue residue remains on stock, gently wipe off using paint thinner. Rout a 3/8" groove all the way around the image abou; 1/4" deeo. Note: when using a Dremei Mototooi, it will take several passes to achieve the desired depth. From each corner of fhe boara, measure in 1-3/4" and draw a line diagonal

16 • Creative Woodworks & Crafts September 2003 the bottom supports. shelf supports.

ly across. Then, using a straight router bit, cut each corner on the diagonal line to a depth of I /4". Using the wood-burning tool, burn 'he footprints of wolverine in each corner. Using the hobby knife, score hair lines in wolverine.

Staining the project

Starting with the wolverine, use Golden Oak lo stain the light patch on head, belly line and back of fail. Do not worry if there is bleeding of this color. Using Dark Walnut, stein carefully, blending around tne lighter areas. Gently wipe off any excess with a rag. Use Provincial to slain the "ral;en log. Use Cherry on the other two trees. Stain the woiverine's teeth with Pickled Oak using the No. 00 liner brush. Apply Driftwood stain to all three partridges. Use Ebony slain to highlight the feathers on partridges. Use Pickled Oak to add highlight to the birds. Stain the remainder of projec' with Golden Oak, applied using a rag. Allow to dry. Using a round tip No. 3 brush, stain the two trees using the fall colors of Manderine Orange and Mustard Yellow. Apply rhe yellow first, then the orange. Tip: when staining the trees, use the tip of the brush, applying pressure to spread bristles, then dab on wood, making multiple leaf designs. When stained loaves are dry, use a liner brush and concentrated Ebony stain (concentrated meaning jnstirred stain from bottom of can) to highlight branches in trees. Using Dark Provincial stain, carefully stain the routed grooves using the No. 3 brush and allow to dry. Spray the entire project with two or three light coals of polyurethane and allow to dry.

Apply a sawtooth hanger and enjoy! 'jrj

Patterns Locatedin Full Size Pattern Section No. 2!

olvcrinc - "Morning Hunter"

by Damn Baldini

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