Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 19

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 19

The f ouGst Is Gnotvmg

Sheila Bergner from Toys In The Attic has just released 14 Brand New Forest Leaf Designs. These are the best yet? There is now a total of 60 Forest Leaf Designs for you to choose from. Order Yours Today! -j/m

^sSSSSm^r irk m!mm, Ife

FL147 Forest Leaf.ioon Duck

FL149 Forest leaf.,Mallard Duck Ft 150 Forest

Leaf.. Owl #2

Order Now!!!

You can see ALL 60 of the Forest Leaf Design series, along with pictures of the Little Leaves at our website

at or { Call 708-532-5624 to order a FREE BROCHURE or to place your phone order. Fax your order to 708-532-6431 Mail your order to Toys In The Attic 17713 S 66th Court, Tinley Park, iL. 60477

FL148 Forest Leaf..Caribou

Other New Forest Leaf Designs Not Shown

Approximate size 8-10" tali

FU51 Forest Leaf..Rabbit FL156 Forest Leaf,.Bison

Fit 52 Forest LeatFox FL157 Forest Leaf..Horse ,

FL153 Forest leaf..Wood Ducks FUSS Forest Leaf..Moose #2

FL154 Forest Leaf..8utterfiy FL.159 Forest Leaf.Hawk

FL155 Forest Leaf..Panda Bear FL160 Forest Leaf.. Mountain Lion Head

LL1001..Eagles $7.95 - ' mSjM k^HHH

Little Leaf Designs Not ^ , ■/?></;" - '

~ mr-

Li. 1002 Wolves - 'Jf: ^^I'-'-'' - ^C,,,; "•-=• ■ :

LL1003 Deer W^^mMW^^mI

Little Leaves...A combination of 3 smaller Forest Leaves siL^fe. "Wjffii' "W -^H

attached together with, what else - a Leaf! Sias is 13" by 13". This llliiill*^

unique design features the same bird {or animal) in 3 different

poses. The painted background is optional. Also included in the ~ . r r r^C PL01"$8,98

pattern are the three individual leaf patterns in the same size as the (pTOjCSSlO fl Oj JlOpe (Pl&C[Ue

original Forest Leaf designs (approx. 8" -10" in diameter), making A beautifudesigned intermediate spiritual scene

these sets an exceptional value!

Limited Tfrae Special Pnidng fort Oan Fnfendsf

Call for Special Pricing on ail 60 Forest Leaf Designs! Any 1 Forest Leaf Design Only $4.00 Pius $2.00 Shipping and Handling Any 3 Forest Leaf Designs Only $10.00 Plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling Buy Alf 14 NEW Forest Leaf Designs for Only $38,00 Plus $4.50 Shipping and Handling Buy Any 1 Little Leaf Design for Only $7.95 or Buy all 3 Little Leafs for $19.00 plus $3,00 S/H Buy the Profession of Hope Plaque for Only $8.95 Plus $3.00 S/H Approx. Size 11"x16"

We accept Visa, Master Card, Money Orders and Persona! Checks...Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

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