Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 31

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 31

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Revealing Rit...The Secret Ingredient!

Professional and hobby woodworkers, basket and toy makers of all kinds have known for years that the easiest way to evenly and deeply color raw wood has been to use Rit powder or liquid dye. Wood fibers open up and welcome the dye color!

It is far easier to batch-dye small items than to paint them. The color penetrates more deeply, and the rich, vibrant colors enhance natural wood grains.

The five scroll saw projects shown to the right were designed by John Nelson exclusively for Creative Woodworks & Crafts. All five were made with Rit Dyes and were featured in recent issues of Creative Woodworks & Crafts.

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These five protects have appeared in the five recent issues or Creative Woodworks & Crafts/

Rit® technical support provides complimentary custom-color formulas and color-matching services as well as continuous assistance, support, training, and recommended procedures for dyeing your specific produces) according to your needs, including hulk orders. For technical support, call.(317) 231-8028.

Patriotic Basket by Hatley Baskets

Over 35 Colors Can Be Found At Area Retailers!

For more information, about where to find Rit retail products, contact: Rit Consumer Services,

P.O. Box 21070, Indianapolis, IN 46221. Phone: (317) 231-8043.

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