Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 32

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 32


by Gail P. Napora

Patterns Located in Full Size Pattern Section No. 2!



.Wood: cherry, : mahogany, maple, . waiinjt or hardwood of choice—one piece V/8"tc3/16"x4"x9' . Toots;: scroti sow with No. 2 or No. *1 skiotopth ptocle: Drem&l MpiOrTooF'- or simitar .rotary too! with 3/64"-Diai cirii! Pit ana i 20-grit Oreme! 3/8" flapwheel Tempotary-bonci glue stick or spray adhesive Sandpaper, assorted grits

Clear fiptsh- of choice Nylon cording or / pin back '


Pre-sand arid transfer patterns

Select wood that has character and a very tight grain. Cherry and mahogany work well. Completely sand and wipe your wood before beginning the project. Consider where the grain will be for the detail cuts, then adhere the pattern to the stock using temporary-bond glue stick or spray adhesive, leaving at least 1/8" of excess wood around each piece.

Cut the pieces

Drill blade entry holes for the inside cuts and make them first. Drill an extra hole in the waste area near the piece, insert the blade, and saw the perimeter of the item slowly and carefully, being sure to hold onto it and the waste area as you finish cutting the pin or pendant free. This method of "dropping out a donut" is a quick and safe way to cut small items.

Shape and sand rough edges

Using the Dremel flapwheel, round over the edges of the pin or pendant. Add extra shaping as desired. If you haven't used the flapwheel technique, practice on waste before shaping any of the interior cuts to avoid making unwanted grooves. A light touch is best. On the

rooster, extra shaping will accent the tail feathers. On the horse, accent the jaw line. On the cat, the flap-wheel may be too strong for the face so use sandpaper and a light touch to soften any scroll saw marks. On the dolphin and fish, extend the rounding effect to emphasize the body.


Apply clear finish of choice and allow to dry. If you are making a pin, add a pin back positioned so that it is not seen through the cuts. If you are making a necklace, feed 34" of thin nylon cording through the appropriate holes on the face of the design (horse) or drill a 1/16" hole through the fin of the fish or dolphin and thread it there. To make the length adjustable, thread both ends through two beads and knot, or if you know macrame, use a 15" length of cord and do a square knot sinnet closure over opposing ends of the pendant. Wear it or give it to someone to enjoy.

Gail Napora has cnother 50 patterns available, including an iris flower, many angels, an oak leaf, a leaping frog, other dolphins and cats, Christmas carolers, a peacock, and more. Contact her online at or at P.O. Box 691, Broadway, VA 22815. ^

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