Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 46

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 46


Wood: Veneered plywood—five pieces dark color 3/8"" x 1 -7/8" x 17-3/8" (for the dark squares), four pieces light color 3/8" x 1 -7/8" x 15-1/2" (for the light squares); Baltic birch plywood—two pieces 1 /4" x 7-5/8" x 15-1 /4" (for the board backers); wood of choice—one piece 1 /4" x 5/8" x 64" (for the edging strips) Tools: scroll saw with assorted blades; drill with bits Veneer tape or masking tape Sandpaper, assorted grits Wood glue Clamps

Strip of leather or canvas 2-1 /2"-wide x 15-1 /2"-long Self adhesive felt 15-l/2"x 15-1/2" Polyurethane varnish


(for the Civil War Chess Pieces from last issue)

by Ralph Sinnotf


Select veneered plywood in. contrasting woods for the chessboard. Note: as an alternative, you may choose to veneer your own plywood (see Fig. 1).

Cut five dark strips and four light strips of veneered plywooc l-7/8"-wide and 18" (see Fig. 2). Tape together alternate light and dark strips with veneer tape or masking tape. Then, true up the edge and cut the strips at right-angles to ihe first cut (see Fig. 3). Tape these strips together in checkorboarc fashion (see Fig. 4). Saw off and discard the redundant dark squares. Separate the board into Iwo halves and glue and camp the sguares together.

Glue the two laminated board pieces onto the backer pieces. The plywood forming the top of the chessboard needs to be attached to the backer with another piece of plywood in the middle or it will not remain flat.

Miter the corners of an edging strip l/4"-lhick and glue it to the edge of the chessboard. Glue a strip of leather or canvas onto the bottom to hinge the two halves of fhe chessboard together (see Fig. 5). If necessary put a strip of the mcteria: at opposite sides of the chessboard so that it lies flat when open. Give the top and sides one coat of polyurolhane vanish. Finally cover the back with self-adhesive felt, jj

Fig. 3. Tape the light and dark strips together and cut.

strips for the

4. The strips are and together to chessboard

Note the two halves hinged by the

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