Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 17

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 17

s patting QRis Qeason((

j^Bm A/ew from tops 3n fi)e attic

Not Shorn: LLIOOl-'Eaflfcs LLim-Wm LL1003 -(Deer Mease chec{ website for pictures)

LL1012. freshwater



LL1009 'Wildcats

W mThe Newest "Little Leaves" are here!m ■

^-f ikuA 5 There are Eleven MEW "Little Leaves" patterns I • rniX ^^ ' m available to you at a Special Price of $6.99 ea, ■ Special Offer ,,. Jf plus Shipping and Handling. »

for i: Ikited time. -yea aw or/er a/Ti 1 m ■

, m both the smaller 6 size and also the original 8-10 }

f s/zerfpate, YOUca»mate^maS9rowassto Jim ordei LCSet2. M /lere, or make each design individually as a seperafe plaque!

I Use your imagination to incorporate various backgrounds such

Vou can also orderML 14 Little Leaves pattern I asplexiglas, fabric or painted. You can even make them as

(WOOl ■ LL10i4)for 175 plus $8 s/H. t attractive Christmas ornaments! The possibilities are endless!

Order set LLSeti m r\ r > n c , ■

'Tok can see color pictures of all of my Little Leaves designs on my website at www. toysintkaUk m as well d my other new designs

M^ttem cm tie seni to paper pattern through tk regular mitonCtyorwen . senteHectronicdy

I accept f'LU, 9rlastercm, Personal Ckcfe and Money Orders. (VS funds

you omen

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