Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-11, страница 37

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-11, страница 37



Center and glue the inner lid to the bottom of the lid and clamp together. Remove any glue seepage with a toothpick and allow to dry.

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Use a paintbrush to opply deep-penetrating furniture wax liquid or Danish oil to the box and lid, This accentuates the grain and true color of the wood. Wipe off excess wax or oil with a clean cloth, and place items in the sun to dry. If this is not possible, allow a day or two for absorption before varnishing. Wipe all surfaces again with a dry, lint-free cloth. Apply several thin coats of clear spray varnish, allowing the project to dry thoroughly between coats.

Using a small amount of crofter's glue, attach felt pads to the bottom of the box to protect the surface on which it will be displayed.

The multi-layered waste piece cut from the inside of the box makes an attractive stand-up clock. Simply trace a circle on it. sand up to the traced line using a disc sander, end sand one edge straight. Drill a hole for the clock insert using a Forstner bit. and attach the clock to a routed base.

I live in Pretoria South Africa, and have been scrolling for about 10 years. I con be contacted at 27 12 460 1013 (telephone), or via E-mail: To see more of my work, visit '■tv

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