Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 40

Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 40

Here's my wife's closet before I remodeled and put in the custom closet interior. There was a lot of wasted space in the old closet.


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A few sheets of plywood and a weekend

are all you need to promote marital harmony.

♦ f you like fishing, you're going to like this project. You see, while a good deal of

Imy business is building custom furniture and cabinets, a lot of my clients have asked me to revamp their closets. I've gotten pretty good at it. So good, in fact, that my wife, Terri, asked me to customize her closet. What does this have to do with fishing? Well, once I installed these new shelves and brackets, Terri was so happy she insisted I relax after that tough job (wink wink) and go fishing in Canada.

Adding adjustable shelves and extra hanging rods in your closet will typically give you at least 30 percent more space for stuff. And you don't need a lot of tools or materials to do the job right. I customized Terri's closet with only three sheets of plywood (plus a few scraps I had lying around) and some iron-on edge tape. The closet

by Troy Sexton

Troy Sexton designs and builds custom 18th century furniture and is a private woodworking instructor in Sunbury, Ohio, for his company, Sexton Classic American Furniture.

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