Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 41

Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 41

Attach the hanger boards to the wall with screws that are at least 2 Vi" long. Here you can see how all the shelf pins are in place before I began the installation.

measured 26" deep, 78" wide and 100" high, which is pretty typical. You can adjust the shelves and hanger boards to fit your space.

Construction is not complicated. There are two hanger boards screwed to the studs on the back walls of the closet. One near the baseboard, one near the ceiling. The tall sides are notched around these hanger boards and screwed into the hanger boards and top shelf. Then you install the adjustable shelves and hang rods. Done. Here's how to make this process go as quickly as possible.

Preparation is Key

The more fussing you do before the installation, the quicker the whole process

Hanger board

1/4" x 3" notches in bottom of sides

1/4" x 3/4" rabbet in end of hanger boards

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